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The Selling Process

  1. Information gathering of sellers needs and wants
    Is there a desired date for completion, what are the expectations on price?
  2. Pricing
    Your realtor will use historical MLS®  data from recently sold similar properties, compare with current listings and their own experience in judging where the market is right now and where it’s heading. Pricing your property correctly is a key to success. 
  3. Marketing program
    The realtor should propose a comprehensive program for how to successfully market your property. The more potential buyers you have the higher the likelihood is that you will sell at a good price with the right timing for you.  A good realtor will be able to draw for past experience what is effective and what will work for your property.
  4. Showings and open houses
    Buying a new home is an emotional process too and it’s important that the realtor is enthusiastic and good at connecting with potential buyers. 
  5. Negotiations
    Negotiation requires deep knowledge and skills. The realtor should look after your best interests and can most often stay emotionally detached and thus secure the best deal for you. Look for a realtor with a good track record.
  6. Closing
    The realtor will ensure that the contract and legal is correctly filled out.